19.4.15; DEHRADUN, India

I’m settling in pretty well! On Friday, I had intended to go to school again, but instead went to the market with the warden of the shelter and one of the older girls. This actually consisted of waiting 3 hours in a fairly grimy office for an ultrasound doctor to appear; the girl has to have an operation because she had gallstones. The office was packed full of people only a short while after we got there, and I won’t lie, the smell wasn’t brilliant. There are a lot of private doctors’ offices in India, and only a few public hospitals. In these places, you have to queue for hours from six or seven in the morning to be seen, and they’re hardly sanitary compared to British hospitals. More on that later.

When we were FINALLY done at the office, we went out into the market area. I visited my first temple! It wasn’t much, but it was interesting to see a small one in amongst all the tiny shops in a side street, as opposed to the huge things people imagine when you say “temple”. Did the usual removing of shoes and taking a look around; interestingly, there is an inner section of each temple which you can’t enter if you’re on your period! Apparently, it means you’re “unclean”. Rude.

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