18.5.15; DEHRADUN, India

Thursday was spent pretty much on alert for any unwelcome visits from the hideous in-laws again, but no sign of anybody, and I don’t remember having done anything else in particular that day. Dull note to start on, apologies! Later in the day on Friday, I went to a ticket agent with Hema to book my train ticket to Delhi for June 12th. I should probably contact my prospective couch surfing hosts again, actually, to make sure I actually have somewhere to stay…

The booking agent’s office was… interesting. A few people crowding around a not particularly official-looking desk where a guy would book your seat for you. I ended up paying 850Rs for the 5 or more hour journey from Dehradun to Delhi, and that’s in First Class A/C, so probably fairly luxurious. I’d rather have travelled in something a bit cheaper as it’s not an overnight train, but there wasn’t much available. And less than £10 for a first class long train ride? YES PLEASE!

In the evening, I went to Pacific Mall with Shruti, and we got some iced coffee, and I bought a pair of earrings from the Saheli Trust stand. Happily, I also saw some of the earrings I’d made myself on sale! I had assumed their terrible quality would more likely have sent them to the bin, but they were on display with all the others! We ate dinner at the house of one of Shruti’s relatives; the daughter in the family was a couple of years older than me, and is doing a medical internship. Despite having a medical degree, she was very shy and wouldn’t really speak to me in English. It seems like a symptom of a problem concerning so many young women in India; they’re worried people will laugh or think badly of them and so they’re used to not making themselves heard at all. If I lived in a culture like that all the time, it would drive me mad!

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