15.4.15; DEHRADUN, India

Culture shock is not even the word. Neither is tired. I have no suitable word.

It’s been just over a day since I arrived in Dehradun, Uttarakand, India. It’s only just sinking in, really. Seems like I should still be at home, getting ready to go!



I think my first wobbly moment was probably saying goodbye to my parents at the airport. After fitting what seems simultaneously a ridiculously small and ridiculously large amount of things into my new 45L backpack (yes, it really is that small), I had exactly that backpack, a handbag full of electronics and various bits of useless rubbish, and a bag of snacks with which I would be travelling out into the big bad world for the next four months. This only hit me when I was checking my bags in and turned around to see that my parents had not left yet, and I frantically signalled to my mum to wait a minute.

I wondered, do I really want to do this? It’s quite one thing to travel alone, but it’s really another, to go completely to the other side of the world with very few belongings, where you don’t speak the native language, with a vague plan to volunteer for two months in India before moving on to South East Asia, and not much else mapped out. I realised that it’s been so long since I travelled to a country where I don’t speak the language; I’m so lucky in that respect. Comparatively, my couple of weeks in Germany seemed practically idyllic. Continue reading “15.4.15; DEHRADUN, India”

29.3.15; MUNICH, Germany

What a ride it’s been! I’m writing this on the plane from Munich back to Heathrow, with less than an hour until landing! Feels strange to be coming back home as it’s only really been a fleeting visit to Germany, and the last time I was abroad, it was for a far longer time; my 3 month stay in America last summer!

Wednesday was a fairly low-key day; other than some general housework, I took the youngest child in the family to the park for a while whilst my hosthad a bit of a rest, and then went to Erlangen quickly to do a little bit of work formatting the blog and catching up with friends, as well as checking my travel arrangements for this weekend. Only just made it back in the nick of time for my host to head out for the evening whilst I babysat again.

The kids are remarkably easy to look after; they really are so well behaved! Their boundless energy, whilst a little tiring to keep up with, is no problem compared to some kids I’ve come across in my life! Whilst I can’t say that I’ve been here long enough to really get that attached, it will be weird to be back in my quiet house with only my parents (and the dogs) and relatively calm surroundings. I’ve got used to having the kids underfoot, and really, they’re great kids! It’s also been nice to speak Czech, though a little difficult at times! I must make an effort to speak Czech more at home with my mum! Continue reading “29.3.15; MUNICH, Germany”

Challenge Masterpost: Lucky No. 15

Taking on my first reading challenge! Perpuskecil‘s Lucky No. 15

Excited to get started with this during my travels. I don’t ever really read in an organized way, but constantly pick up books which appeal to me. I definitely think I can complete at least this challenge! The trouble will probably be more finding books to fit the categories, than reading 15 books!


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24.3.15; ERLANGEN, Germany

Well, I was nearly falling asleep writing that last entry so I thought I’d split it into two. Where was I? Ah yes, the weekend. Restful weekends are no more; when three kids are home, it’s anything but calm! I had to go back to sleep almost as soon as I’d had breakfast because I felt so terrible, but I felt better after that. During the day I hung a few bits of washing and did the normal tidying routines. Then I helped with some of the renovation work whilst my host was taking a nap. Said work mainly involved scraping paint off doors. It’s more fun than it sounds.

I find it interesting how nearly every house in the local area is unique; the culture of building your own house is bigger here, much better than the copy and paste neighbourhoods we have in the UK. The house is quite big, with three floors and an attic; but the bottom floor is used as storage and the top floor is the one being renovated; it will mainly be bedrooms; eventually all the kids will have their own, but that will probably take a while yet! I suppose there is something satisfying about building or renovating your own house, but it does seem a lot of effort.

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