21.3.15; ERLANGEN, Germany

Tired is not even the word. A mixture of being very busy, being ill (very grim cold and tonsil stones), having to think and speak in languages I rarely use at home, and the fact that really, I am only just more evolved than a sloth, has meant that the most diverting thing I can think to do in my free time is sleep, and thus I’ve been procrastinating writing another entry for several days. As a result, this is going to be dreadfully long. Sorry, not sorry.

Monday ended fairly uneventfully. I’m sure I did the washing up and vacuuming in the evening, as usual, but nothing too strenuous at all. We watched some of The English Patient, my all-time favourite film, which I find exceedingly difficult to sell to any of my friends as the brilliant see it really is, but finally, I have found someone who appreciates brooding Ralph Fiennes in the desert as much as I do! Although my host’s preference is for Colin Firth… (unbelievable, there is not even a comparison… Colin Firth is firmly in the “teddy bear” category.)

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16.3.15; ERLANGEN, Germany

I really don’t think I’m cut out to be a mother. Or a housewife. At all. Even slightly. Having arrived at my host family’s house at around 2.30am, it’s safe to say I was lightly disorientated and absolutely exhausted after having travelled since 6am with a coach, the tube, a plane, three trains and a local bus to reach Erlangen, Bavaria. And that’s not even counting the extra hour.

I came into the house with the whole family asleep as we’d agreed, and pretty much went straight to bed. I was knackered, but it didn’t change my slight concern in that I had absolutely no idea to expect.I had only corresponded with the family via email until I arrived. This is my first Workaway experience, so my worries weren’t unusual, I suppose. Continue reading “16.3.15; ERLANGEN, Germany”


Hello all! For all I know, only my parents will ever read this. Please bear with me in terms of the layout and content of this blog; only just got started so it is still under construction! A better information post and about page will soon appear! In the meantime, here you can read about my travels in 2015; the start of a journey which I hope will help me grow as a person and learn not only about the world but about myself.

xx Bea