Inactivity notice 

Hey guys! Got some annoying news – someone tried to mug me last night and although I didn’t lose anything, my laptop charger fell on the road and something must have broken in it because it isn’t working! Laptop is dead so blogging on hold indefinitely except for maybe a few VERY short posts!! Activity will resume when I am home in August, unless I manage to get a new charger in that time!

Life Bites!

Life Bites header

Hi everyone! Some exciting news; I’m starting a new feature on here, where I’ll tell short little stories about the things which happen to me on the road, which I often forget about and don’t include in my blog posts! This way you’ll see the quirky things which pop up randomly on the road; the good, the bad and the ugly…

Why “Life Bites”? Because it does. Because not only are these bite-size posts, but I think that a lot of the time, life does come around to bite you on the ass. It doesn’t always end up being a bad thing, and it’s often the most unexpected things which we remember for the longest time.

Stay tuned!

x Bea


Hello all! For all I know, only my parents will ever read this. Please bear with me in terms of the layout and content of this blog; only just got started so it is still under construction! A better information post and about page will soon appear! In the meantime, here you can read about my travels in 2015; the start of a journey which I hope will help me grow as a person and learn not only about the world but about myself.

xx Bea